About BRN Architects

BRN Architects is an Istanbul based architecture firm founded by Baran Uyan in 2004. With more than 20 years of experience in professional practice, BRN has worked on various projects of all scales from urban planning to industrial design. Their primary expertise includes restaurants, hospitality, residence housing, office buildings, high-end catering factories, and parking garages. Turkish DO&CO, Pelit, Parkolay are some of the top companies that this Istanbul brand has been working with consistently over the years. For the last few years, BRN designs have started to appear overseas as well.

The main aim of the BRN Architects achievement is combining highest design quality with the maximum functional efficiency. BRN Architects is a collaborative studio that combines hands-on principal involvement and intensive client service with extensive capabilities and diverse expertise. Istanbul based BRN Architects has merged versatile, full-service Architectural Firm active on wide variety of projects on different Architectural Building types.

Architectural Design

BRN Architects sees an inspired relationship between the comforting and familiar, with the adventurous and new. BRN approaches each project as an opportunity to enrich and expand the boundaries between architecture, landscape, and functionality, revealing an environment’s individual spirit. BRN’s designs express much more than a lasting first impression: each element, from iconic landmarks to the smallest of details, is tailored to tell a unique and unifying story.

BRN’s experience has shown that successful projects result from a collaborative approach with client’s desires. BRN begins by identifying collective goals to create a shared vision. Once this vision comes into perspective, BRN advances the knowledge and craft of its trade to provide clients with a memorable, meaningful experience.


BRN Architects’ expertise in planning allows for the strategic development and management of both urban and rural areas through in-depth analysis and decision making. Planners consider a variety of site considerations, including land uses, grading, drainage, zoning, circulation, access, site layout, security, and other factors.

Over the years, BRN Architects has worked on all varieties of planning projects, formulating a proven approach that considers fiscal responsibility, environmental stewardship, connectivity, and community benefits to ensure the most comprehensive planning solutions.

Urban Design

Urban design harmoniously unites urban planning and landscape architecture, while responding to the place’s unique economic, social, and cultural needs, to arrange and shape both the appearance and functionality of urban public spaces. While urban planning focuses more on policies and strategic programs for urban development, including economic and social issues, urban design focuses on the physical form of a city or urban environment. Urban design stems from the urban planning process and addresses specific physical configurations and aesthetic decisions in accordance with the developed urban planning program.

These design efforts encompass the arrangement and design of public spaces, outdoor structures, transport systems and amenities. Collectively, by giving form, shape, and character to an urban environment — whether a streetscape, neighborhood, or district — an urban setting becomes functional, attractive, and identifiable through the thoughtful organization of all elements into a workable framework.

Urban design is rooted in connecting people and places, facilitating movement, and creating place, while accounting for environmental stewardship, economic growth, cultural character, and social equity as part of a comprehensive solution.

Interior Design

BRN’s interior design expertise is distinguished by its creative, productive, and innovative approach.

Interior detailing quality combined with a stylish approach to design, form unique promises. BRN design team works closely with the customer over the preliminary project to achieve a highly effective design results.

For the past 14 years, Founder; Baran Uyan has guided BRN Architects with his philosophy of pushing the aesthetics and combining drama and fun in it. For him, interior design is the stage of a moment in life which could easily defined pantomime of space in theatrical viewpoint.

Product Design

BRN designs by combining deep technical understanding with broad engineering and manufacturing knowledge and expertise, BRN takes products from concept to full production fast and resulting in cost effective and highly manufacturable solutions.