Arçelik Automated Parking Lot

Car Park
İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality
İstanbul, Türkiye

In the Sutluce – Halıcıoglu intersection district, the Arcelik automated car park stands out for its effective site solutions in terms of settlement and use of the land between the heavy building blocks. The 1.320 m² structure is designed as a machine leaning on a concrete block, with maximum vehicle capability and a functional network as the primary requirements. With the help of smart systems, the land use scheme that is based on these principles has reduced floor area of the building and increased vehicle capacity by two times in a limited region. The building, which can accommodate 46 cars, has 50-60 open parking lots on the site. In conclusion, new generation engineering technologies assess narrow spaces using performance designs and propose solutions to the city’s lack of public space due to vehicles.

The building’s texture and structure are completely determined by a rigid work scheme. The shell, on the other hand, is made of a membrane that reflects this fully functional solid scheme. The key concept of the design is a solid performance attitude that accommodates oneself its structural environment while adding fine aesthetic touches. The building’s steel construction allows for seamless integration of automated systems. The lighter structure is sustainable and can be modified later. Another advantage of smart systems is energy conservation. Effective active and passive air conditioning systems ensure that the building is both ecologically responsible and optimized within itself.

In a sense of environmental responsibility, the building, which is located in the void of the complex urban fabric surrounding Sütlüce and Golden Horn, has taken on the role of standing as a simple bridge between different structural languages. The project area was planned with a connection road taken from the main arteries. The vehicle flow chart was defined and organized with mass based on the measured performance data. This configuration was made possible thanks to a land strategy based on vehicle layouts. There are 2 automatic lift systems on the ground floor of the building designed as two identical blocks.

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