Iskenderpasa Semi-Automated Underground Parking Lot & Square

The Iskenderpasa semi-automatic car park and square construction project is located in one of intensely used central zones of Trabzon. The main idea for the 9.600 m2 building is to create a smart and innovative public square that breathes life into the city, with a concept approach that helps reduce the vehicle mass in the […]

Arçelik Automated Parking Lot

In the Sutluce – Halıcıoglu intersection district, the Arcelik automated car park stands out for its effective site solutions in terms of settlement and use of the land between the heavy building blocks. The 1.320 m² structure is designed as a machine leaning on a concrete block, with maximum vehicle capability and a functional network […]

JJ CVK Bosphorus

Located on the terrace floor of CVK Park Bosphorus, Jolly Joker Private aims to create a distinctive space with modern lines where the visitors can enjoy performances. To create a delightful atmosphere with a luxurious feel, we paid special importance to the use of materials, textures, and coherent lines. Underneath a retractable membrane roof, we […]

TRT World Cafe

TRT World Cafe was designed as the transformation of the studio environment concept of the international news center, TRT World, into a cafe space. Located at Istanbul Airport, at the crossroad of international travelers, the cafe appears with a classic and comfortable concept, where its spatial design refers to observing the world. The illuminated colons […]

Cerkezköy Automated Parking Lot

Cerkezkoy automated car park is located between Uğur Mumcu and Atatürk avenues, which are both intense axis in Cerkezköy, Tekirdağ. The 2951 m² machine is covered in a transparent shell, with the aim of exhibiting the system to the environment, which operates with efficient functional solutions. The structural model and plan organization chart can be […]

Maltepe Citypark

Maltepe Citypark is located at an intersection of industrial and residential areas. Named Cumhuriyet Park by the locals, it is a great place to escape the stresses of urban life and reconnect with nature. A place for breather, the park lies horizontally in the East-West axis and offers 25,000 m2 green area. A linear walkway […]

Trabzon Underground Automated Car Park & Offices

Trabzon underground car park and office building are located at the intersection of an active cultural and commercial axis, on Yavuz Sultan Selim Street. The program of the 14,688 m² social building consists of offices, shops, restaurant, parking lot and activity areas. The facade, which is oriented parallel to the street, is built as a […]

Pelit Levent

Located on one of the busiest streets of Istanbul, Buyukdere, Pelit Levent welcomes its guests with warm lights. Open, half-open and interior spaces connect through the language of design. The patterns on the lights that frame the entrance also continue on the reflective shelves of the patisserie. Green ceramic lamps, which mark the walkway through […]

Manisa Automated Parking Lot

Manisa Automated Parking Lot is located at the intersection of 31st Belediye Street and Cumhuriyet Street, one of the city’s busiest central main streets of the city. It is created by considering the influence of the area, as the rhythm and settlement typology of the city shapes 11.000 square meters. To protect the block from the […]

Pamuk Plaza

Located in Konak, Pamuk Plaza is the building block that serves as the trade center in İzmir. The block offers convenient spaces for merchants to display their work. As the massing is divided centrally into four smaller rectangles, the building block also becomes accessible by car, which makes it possible for merchants to carry goods […]

Pelit İkitelli

The designed and built restaurant-patisserie as a special nourishment business marks the 40th branch of Pelit at the Ikitelli section of İstanbul, which has a total of 1400 sqm closed and 200 sqm open area that will serve 400 seated customers, with a 200 sqm kitchen, closed meeting rooms and a special area for children. […]