Pelit Chocolate Museum

The Pelit Chocolate Museum in Istanbul is a tribute to Turkey’s cultural heritage and passion for chocolate. As Turkey’s first and World’s largest chocolate museum, it celebrates the Pelit brand’s legacy while showcasing miniature chocolate sculptures of Istanbul’s iconic landmarks and impressive masterpieces from around the world. Crafted over two years with the collaboration of […]

O.A. Bodrum House

Located in Bodrum, O.A. House reflects the essence of the area through the colors and materials used in its design. Earth tones in beige and brown, complemented with orange, dried rose and Aegean blue, carry the warm and calm atmosphere of the surrounding nature to the interior. Through the play of geometry and color, each […]

Rising Global Shading HQ

Rising is situated in one of the busiest industrial parts of Istanbul. As Esenyurt area is fully packed with factories and showrooms; our objective for Rising Global is to achieve an identity that establishes a unique and distinctive design with a bold futuristic approach. The project consists of two floor plans: a showroom and an […]

Pelit Aqua Florya

With a phenomenal panoramic view of Marmara Sea, Pelit Aqua Florya branch is located in one of Istanbul’s most modern and elite neighbourhoods: Florya; exactly in Aqua Florya shopping center. Our client’s demand for a modern design with clean lines guided us to create a place that not only reflects that approach but also focuses […]

Zamane Kahvesi Aqua Florya

Located in the Aqua Florya shopping center, Zamane Kahvesi expresses its unique identity with a mild approach in style, where tones of two primary color tones are prominent. With a 225 square meters of open space, the layout generates a range of spatial interactions, offering different seating groups and configurations. The open space is defined […]

Pelit Şişli

Located at a busy intersection of business, housing and shopping district in İstanbul, on the ground floor of a hotel building, Pelit Şişli branch reflects the iconic Pelit brand at its full glamour. The crystal chandelier significantly elevates the space while marking the entrance of the patisserie in elegance at the rounded corner of the […]

Pelit Chocolate & Cake Factory VIP Lounge

The VIP Lounge which is located within the Pelit Factory Building, is designed as a special place for meeting of factory management board members at a maximum comfort level and hosting of special foreign and national customers. Character of the interior represents a classical style, which is different than rest of the building. The wall […]

JJ CVK Bosphorus

Located on the terrace floor of CVK Park Bosphorus, Jolly Joker Private aims to create a distinctive space with modern lines where the visitors can enjoy performances. To create a delightful atmosphere with a luxurious feel, we paid special importance to the use of materials, textures, and coherent lines. Underneath a retractable membrane roof, we […]

TRT World Cafe

TRT World Cafe was designed as the transformation of the studio environment concept of the international news center, TRT World, into a cafe space. Located at Istanbul Airport, at the crossroad of international travelers, the cafe appears with a classic and comfortable concept, where its spatial design refers to observing the world. The illuminated colons […]

Pelit Levent

Located on one of the busiest streets of Istanbul, Buyukdere, Pelit Levent welcomes its guests with warm lights. Open, half-open and interior spaces connect through the language of design. The patterns on the lights that frame the entrance also continue on the reflective shelves of the patisserie. Green ceramic lamps, which mark the walkway through […]

Pelit Chocolate & Cake Factory and HQ

While designing Pelit Chocolate & Cake Factory and HQ as a fully comprehensive project, we aimed for a timeless, impressive, and comfortable design for the 55-year-old Pelit Brand, created with universal, modern, self-confident lines of quality. We aspired to achieve the suitable comfort standards and put it at the service of the user by personalizing […]

Pelit İkitelli

The designed and built restaurant-patisserie as a special nourishment business marks the 40th branch of Pelit at the Ikitelli section of İstanbul, which has a total of 1400 sqm closed and 200 sqm open area that will serve 400 seated customers, with a 200 sqm kitchen, closed meeting rooms and a special area for children. […]