Cerkezköy Automated Parking Lot

Car Park
Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality
Tekirdağ, Türkiye

Cerkezkoy automated car park is located between Uğur Mumcu and Atatürk avenues, which are both intense axis in Cerkezköy, Tekirdağ. The 2951 m² machine is covered in a transparent shell, with the aim of exhibiting the system to the environment, which operates with efficient functional solutions. The structural model and plan organization chart can be seen from the outside with all its clarity. The approach to design is to search for the expression of machine as the simplest, strong form possible. The second basic approach is aimed to obtain maximum vehicle parking space with the logical plan solution built around the automatic vehicle transport system located in the center of the mass.

The pure glass facade’s reflecting strength has been designed to create harmony and integrity with the city’s atmosphere. In addition, the structure increases the perception of the environment by adding visual variations to the user’s perspective with its effective mass lines. Mass consoles in the human plane are designed as guide lines that allow the plan operation to be viewed from the outside. It is intended to produce a soothing modern effect on the facade with its linear pattern and semi-permeable aluminum mesh construction. The building is lightweight and recyclable, thanks to its steel structure. It is designed with environmentally responsive passive and active systems that conform to the principles of energy conservation.

The primary approach to the project site is to draw the vehicle flow into the area with an alternative entry proposal. The vehicle flow and the automated parking system in the center operate together. Two vehicles can be served at the same time by the automated car park with two main vehicle entrances. On the north side, technical and service areas are planned, while on the south side, parking areas are planned on two axes. The aim of the plan organization is to achieve maximum vehicle capability while maintaining strict functional order. In the final stage, recreational areas are designed for city incorporation in areas that have been emptied from the newly proposed road and acquired by the withdrawal.

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