Fatih Automated Parking Lot

Car Park
Fatih Metropolitan Municipality
İstanbul, Türkiye

Fatih automatic parking lot is located on historical peninsula, one of the most historically significant regions of Istanbul. The 1799 m² structure was designed with the aim of hiding solid functional solutions in a modern shell with urban traces. In order to reflect the traces of the historical peninsula and Istanbul to the surrounding streets, the transitional ground floor setup is organized. Perspective on design; the performance mass parking structures that cities need should be responsive masses that connect with the environment intensely while detaching vehicles from the city. Project is equipped with an automatic transport system and contains smart systems. Besides, it is a next-generation smart parking lot that maximizes vehicle use while conserving space.

The desire to compose living urban dynamics with the spirit of the past led to the search for facade rhythm and patterns. The facade shell is covered in a camouflage cover that will adapt to the historical atmosphere with its balanced dark hues and structural textures. Edges, traces and line compositions of the design provide surfaces that open to the city that narrows with permeable layers. The sharp lines of facade are softened by semi-transparent order of aluminum rods and arch shapes, with the aim of bringing solid functional scheme of the interior, down to human size. Deep and layered spatial patterns that communicate with the user and reside with the street are obtained from considering the environmental associations of traditional areas such as old historical taverns and marketplaces. The facade shell, which increases the light intake and passive air conditioning performance, optimizes the energy conservation of the building with active air conditioning elements.

Fatih automated car park, with a capacity of 95 parking spaces, is managed by an automatic parking system. The system, which separates the driver-vehicle relationship on the ground floor, provides time and reliability advantages to the user. The south hall is divided into service steps with a holistic functional plan. There is an automatic transport system in the center of the building and vehicle access is provided to the building from the west front. The vehicle is left in the parking lot, and the parking process is completed quickly and conveniently using the smart ticket system. The central automatic system provides extra space opportunities in narrow building seating areas and constitutes the most effective alternative method of solution.

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