İzmir Underground Automated Parking Lot

Car Park
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality
İzmir, Türkiye

The Izmir underground automated car park is located on Cumhuriyet Avenue, one of main boulevards of the city that runs parallel to the mediterranean sea. The 14.600 m2 structure is completely underground, with access provided by entrance-exit units located at intervals of 30 meters from the main street. The design, which has the potential to become Izmir’s longest smart-system-managed underground automated car park, demonstrates an urban and environmentally sustainable architectural approach by including public recreation spaces on the avenue. With a new generation approach to vehicle density, it offers useful and clean spaces for city users. In the remaining spaces, the architectural solution, which seeks to generate an energetic and dynamic atmosphere, aims to add new aspects to the city by building bicycle and pedestrian paths parallel to the green long landscape corridor design while bringing the solid masses underground.

With today’s technology, the approach method provides possibilities for pedestrian-friendly dynamic and sustainable public spaces in a metropolis like Izmir, while still taking into account the roles of architecture to the community. The underground car park provides the city with new spatial solutions in underserved and congested areas. When carrying the city’s burden, it creates new gaps and strong solutions to the issue of vehicle parking in central locations. Public spaces such as squares, recreation and event fields are planned in accordance with the city’s needs using the spaces obtained thanks to the vehicle mass taken underground.

In brief, the Izmir underground car park configured with smart systems is a new generation solution that is environmentally friendly with its energy conversion and carbon pollution reduction benefits. In addition to reducing the carbon emissions of vehicles, a balanced and healthy environment is created by reducing concrete floors and increasing green areas. It also provides valuable opportunities to renovate old infrastructure in center of historic city that cannot be incorporated into today’s smart cities. Underground automated car park with high initial investment costs last 2.5 times as long as aboveground parking lots. It is conveniently accessible and eliminates traffic congestion in central areas. As a result, it offers practical parking space and time-saving solutions.

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