JJ CVK Bosphorus

Café & Restaurant
Jolly Joker
İstanbul, Türkiye

Located on the terrace floor of CVK Park Bosphorus, Jolly Joker Private aims to create a distinctive space with modern lines where the visitors can enjoy performances. To create a delightful atmosphere with a luxurious feel, we paid special importance to the use of materials, textures, and coherent lines.

Underneath a retractable membrane roof, we scattered the organic formed lightings which resemble clouds to make an analogy for the sky at a beautiful summer evening. We further emphasized the glamourous stage with a shiny gold color and emphasized the center in a circular design. The circular lighting emanates outwards from the stage to carry the sound visually to the audience in waves. The use of warm materials like wood and velvet creates a vibrant space with character, in harmonious contrast with metallic details in gold.

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İstanbul, Türkiye
İstanbul, Türkiye