Maltepe Citypark

Urban & Public
Fırat Teknik
İstanbul, Türkiye

Maltepe Citypark is located at an intersection of industrial and residential areas. Named Cumhuriyet Park by the locals, it is a great place to escape the stresses of urban life and reconnect with nature. A place for breather, the park lies horizontally in the East-West axis and offers 25,000 m2 green area.

A linear walkway crosses through the center of park, carrying visitors from the entrance towards the 3,000 m2 artificial pond. In parallel to that, there is a 400m long running track that loops for visitors who enjoy sports activities. There are pockets along the main walkway which serve for sports, children playground, and theme park. The circularity symbolizes a place of gathering. Along the path, there is a fountain which marks an intersection and radiates outward with planted flowers in circular shapes till the periphery of the park. Circular shapes are repeated with organic forms throughout the design to create harmony. The path leads to the amphitheater with the pond on the background, which marks a great spot for shows and events with a capacity of 500 people. In months of spring, the park is invigorated with lush, colorful flowers. One can see roses bloom in every color, decorating the archways and flower frames. While ducks and swans enjoy the pond, the observation decks offer amazing views. Reflections on the pond at night create a romantic setting.

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