O.A. Bodrum House

Ozan Ayan
Muğla, Türkiye

Located in Bodrum, O.A. House reflects the essence of the area through the colors and materials used in its design. Earth tones in beige and brown, complemented with orange, dried rose and Aegean blue, carry the warm and calm atmosphere of the surrounding nature to the interior.

Through the play of geometry and color, each room portrays a different character. While wood is the common element, each room is crafted for the client’s need. There is enough storage space in each room and study desks offer a well-lit corner to concentrate. Rooms are ventilated with ceiling fans and the interior space receives daylighting through large openings. Indirect lighting is used in each room, yet every room also has a unique lighting fixture.

An overhang extends outwards from the living room and kitchen area, creating a shaded canopy outside by the pool, while also keeping heat outside of the building. Next to the terrace overlooking a great view of the coast by the Aegean Sea, there is a special designed grill for outside dinner parties. In cold winter nights, the family may gather around the fireplace while still enjoying the great view framed by the large horizontal window.

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