Pelit İkitelli

Restaurant & Bar
Pelit Pastry and Chocolate Company
İstanbul, Türkiye

The designed and built restaurant-patisserie as a special nourishment business marks the 40th branch of Pelit at the Ikitelli section of İstanbul, which has a total of 1400 sqm closed and 200 sqm open area that will serve 400 seated customers, with a 200 sqm kitchen, closed meeting rooms and a special area for children.

The design of the project, whose construction was completed in 2010, conveys modern lines special to Pelit in top standards, in pastel tones and highest standards of hygiene. For interior design, solid wood wall coverings are complemented with laminate flooring. The walls are coated with textured nacreous creamy paint and covered with wallpaper to create a special aesthetic. Barrisol Coatings were used in the lighting design and the sharp height effect was reduced by grading the high ceiling towards the gallery. Cream and light tones were preferred in the design of the patisserie section, and Pelit’s display counters were placed opposite to each other, emphasizing the depth and symmetry of the space.

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İstanbul, Türkiye
İstanbul, Türkiye