Pelit Şişli

Restaurant & Bar
Pelit Chocolate Company
İstanbul, Türkiye

Located at a busy intersection of business, housing and shopping district in İstanbul, on the ground floor of a hotel building, Pelit Şişli branch reflects the iconic Pelit brand at its full glamour. The crystal chandelier significantly elevates the space while marking the entrance of the patisserie in elegance at the rounded corner of the building. The use of muted tones such as beige, brown, white, and black complements our minimalistic approach for the timeless brand. The mirror decorations on the lacquered columns, specially designed for Pelit, convey a sophisticated and dynamic composition with the layering of traditional motifs and colors of İznik tiles, and elements from the historical cityscape of İstanbul. The semi open seating area offers a secluded space for breather in the chaos of the city.

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İstanbul, Türkiye
İstanbul, Türkiye