Project Name






Çerkezköy Automatic Parking Lot

Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality


Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ, TURKEY

Architectural Design

The district, which was a small rural settlement until the 1970s, was included in the scope of “Priority Regions in Development” with the decision of the Council of Ministers in 1971 and entered the development process with the rapid industrialization movement that started as a result of the establishment of the Organized Industrial Zone with the decision in 1973. Private sector organizations, which have been active one after the other, use large-scale, modern technology and mainly produce for the foreign market, concentrated in the branches of weaving, metal goods and machinery manufacturing.

As BRN architects we proposed that autonomous vehicles could park themselves in open bays and wander around at night as part of the intelligent mobility idea for automated car parking lots and store electricity that can be used to power household devices. A more transparent façade was designed as the climate is relatively cooler and less sunny days compared to the rest of Turkey. It was tried to ensure that this parking box, located in the center of the city, promotes a dynamic spirit to the city. Otherwise, there would be a car parking box in the center of the city without communication with the outside, which would contradict our goals.

The first design was submitted in 2018 and the revised scheme was submitted in 2022 with modified garage which has more parking spots and an additional round level retail space.