Project Name






Hacettepe University Faculty of Education

Hacettepe University


15,000 Sqm Gross

Ankara, TURKEY

Architectural Design / Interior Design

Hacettepe University, located in the capital of Turkey, Ankara recognized the need to provide a better education and work environment to their community. In order to carry out this purpose the university decided to change the campus’s design and construction. We as BRN architects, created a multipurpose building in close cooperation with the school that contains; library, cafeteria, classrooms, dining hall, cafeteria, multipurpose conference halls, sport courts, common spaces. The outcome is a campus that is prepared for the future and provides faculty and students with the resources they need for advanced education. An inner courtyard is located in the center and a cyclical setup is planned around where all educational activities and student life will be shaped. Hacettepe University, Beykent campus offers students a safe and comfortable campus life on the edges of Ankara. The faculty gives life to the inner courtyard with the dynamism of the classrooms and offices oriented to the green life and the corridors oriented to the inner courtyard within the campus life.