Project Name






İGDAŞ İstanbul Gas Company HQ

İmar A.Ş.


77,000 Sqm Gross

İstanbul, TURKEY

Architectural Design / Interior Design

A symbolic structure is intended to express IGDAS’ modern vision and company identity as the design’s core principle. The building exhibits strength and dependability with its beauty, which contribute to the Golden Horn and Istanbul skyline. It has an environmental approach with the sky and the green aspects of the public neighborhood.

In the back part of the design, which is divided from the ground floor of IGDAS Office floors by a transparent and filled with greenery, the shopping center is situated where the transportation axes intersect, and the pedestrian traffic is maintained to make the street pattern and other transportation networks accessible. Commercial and social spaces, parking areas surrounding the kernels that are solved along with technical and service requirements, and volumes that are designed to produce ergonomic spaces make up the areas of office floors.