Project Name






İskenderpaşa Automatic Parking Lot

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality


Trabzon, TURKEY

Architectural Design

Iskenderpaşa Square & Underground Car Park was built in Trabzon/Turkey in June 2017. Trabzon is a city along the Black Sea that is covered in dense pine forests on the slopes and abundant agricultural land in the valleys and lower elevations. The region’s industry and culture have been influenced by the distinctive and unique topography. As beautiful as the city is, since the Black Sea coast lacks flat land, it comes with challenges and sacrifices. A city square and parking garage combined under one roof make up for the loss. Although the project location is located in a historical square, the bottom of the underground parking floors planned at -35m2 elevation will be accessed via a tunnel from the coastal road. Thus, the building we designed will be accessible from both the Iskenderpasa historical square floor and the sea level floor connected to the coastal road far below, these entrances and exits were placed directly in the area, which will result in improved usability.