Project Name






Izmir Automatic Parking Lot

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality


Alsancak, İzmir, TURKEY

Architectural Design

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has developed a concept for a contemporary autopark that would address the needs of Alsancak and its surroundings in a 938 m2 space across from the Alsancak Hocazade Mosque on Sair Esref Street. The Fully Automatic Parking Lot Project, which is built on property owned by the Buyuksehir Belediyesi, is the tallest building in Izmir made entirely of steel, with a floor layout that features 11 different heights. Inside the building, automated elevator systems are used to store cars. The full 380-car parking lot is constructed to accommodate parking for vehicles disabled vehicles.

Automatic Parking Building; has been designed according to the Sustainable Green Building concept. It is important to consider the life cycle when determining if a building meets the “green” requirements. When a structure is considered a “green building,” it indicates that environmental harm has been reduced, resources for future generations have bee n used efficiently, and people’s quality of life has increased throughout the building’s entire life cycle, from its conception to its demolition.

When compared to the construction of a concrete structure, the Automatic Parking Lot Project will use far less of what we refer to as “gray energy” in the production processes. The entire building is produced with low emission materials in accordance with the green building criteria. Energy costs associated with transportation processes are reduced by choosing building materials from local resources and providers. Since the building is located in the most central location of Izmir, in the center of the Metro Station, Bus Stops and pedestrian transportation, it minimizes the energy spent on transportation. All construction materials and facade coatings are made with materials that can be recycled after the building has served its physical and economic purpose.

Through the use of automated lighting and cooling technologies, the building has been built to maximize the efficiency of sunlight. Additionally, it uses the least amount of energy, has extra insulation on its outer face, and releases the fewest pollutants and greenhouse gases into the environment thanks to not having air conditioning on the parking lot floors. Unlike a normal parking lot building, cars delivered to all floors by an automated elevator system do not emit exhaust gases to nature and the level of exposure of building occupants to chemical and hazardous particles is minimized. The relationship between the building and its neighboring structures has established factors such as the ratio of composite panel and reflective glass used in the front, the hot temperature of Izmir, the perceptibility of autopark systems from the outside, and the convenience to the city structure.