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Rising Global
İstanbul, Türkiye

Rising is situated in one of the busiest industrial parts of Istanbul. As Esenyurt area is fully packed with factories and showrooms; our objective for Rising Global is to achieve an identity that establishes a unique and distinctive design with a bold futuristic approach.

The project consists of two floor plans: a showroom and an office area. The showroom is located at the ground floor of the building and features smart design solutions such as a simulating area of the external factors for testing the products durability, such as wind, rain etc. as well as vivifying showrooms that display each product uniquely. We chose to integrate the walls with distinctive shaped designs to work as displaying units, as these sharp edges express the attitude of the company. The new and experimental forms with a fusion of minimalism and creativity, such as using arched door openings, lead to enhance elegance, create larger spaces that draw the eye, while also complementing other architectural details. This combination of practicality, elegance, minimalism, and creativity gives the feeling of individuality and a unique ambiance.

In contrast, the design approach for the office area, which is situated on the first floor, is more natural and organic. Biophilia is not just a philosophy; it suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. We applied this philosophy into our design by using natural and biodegradable materials. The office area consists of meeting rooms, private offices, a management wing, and a relaxation area for employees.

Our main design approach is to create a memorable design space of a developed future that reflects the belief and vision of our client. To make our client’s products the focal point and give the impression of the futuristic approach, we used neutral colours by shifting from the white bright colours to the darker ambient shades and achieved a retro look with touches of bright red details. In addition to the application of modern materials that are encapsulated in the strict lines and clear geometric forms, the use of sharp and curvy smart lighting panels engraved in ceilings and walls as LED strip lights aid to enhance the design. We blended these features by designing strong and asymmetrical geometric walls with floors that are tiled and laminated in matching shades with the walls to enhance synchrony. The final design reflects a dynamic and self-confident firm that looks boldly into the future.

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