Trabzon Underground Automated Car Park & Offices

Car Park
Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality
Trabzon, Türkiye

Trabzon underground car park and office building are located at the intersection of an active cultural and commercial axis, on Yavuz Sultan Selim Street. The program of the 14,688 m² social building consists of offices, shops, restaurant, parking lot and activity areas. The facade, which is oriented parallel to the street, is built as a series of planes that open to the street through terracing at various levels. Interactions and intermediate spaces between offices and shops are planned to be as permeable as possible. The building has an automated parking system that counterbalances a significant portion of parking needs of the region.

The basic design principle is to reflect Yavuz Sultan Selim Street, as a directional intersection of the main axes, on the building. Green bands and floor moldings run horizontally throughout the building, emphasizing its horizontality while remaining accessible and permeable to the street flow. In addition, the design language with rhythmic green details is inspired by the street identity, which stretches horizontally. The composite and transparent material ratios are preferred in order to allow city users to understand functional network of the building. Even though the mass is knitted with tight functional relationships, the transitional spaces are designed with an ambiguous language based on a spacious and legibility approach. The gallery spaces are intimately linked to the circulation elements, providing permeability between the floors.

The parking lot structure is designed with fully smart automated systems and a performance-based plan organization. Along with the public parking issue that impedes heavy traffic flow of the region, new generation technological approaches have been developed to resolve the inadequacy of public spaces. The parking lot is accessed from the first basement floor via 4 automatic lift systems. After leaving the vehicle and purchasing the ticket, one can access the staircase that runs from the middle hall to the ground floor. Offices, sales zones, and restaurants with terrace connections are organized on the ground and upper floors.

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