Zamane Kahvesi Aqua Florya

Restaurant & Bar
Pelit Chocolate Company
İstanbul, Türkiye

Located in the Aqua Florya shopping center, Zamane Kahvesi expresses its unique identity with a mild approach in style, where tones of two primary color tones are prominent. With a 225 square meters of open space, the layout generates a range of spatial interactions, offering different seating groups and configurations. The open space is defined with a set wall to create a border around the service area, and to separate the user areas from the service area. The border wall setup, which makes a sharp angle to the wide space, enables different volumetric variations. Calmed by the simplicity of white paint, the place seeks its identity with the dominant character of blue. The energetic tones of red and blue contribute to the making of a unique and strong design style, augmenting the dynamism of the space.

Flexible seating areas and alternative atmospheres are designed, by using contrasting materials and colors. Moreover, the strong effect of white in space creates a contrast with the rough wooden ceilings. It is intended to balance the bright and spacious interior with natural wood, and to expand its borders to the central zone. This approach increases spatial dominance through the dominant furniture disposition on the floor. Seating areas designed with the central area landscaping layout pose a design challenge as they enhance the environmental and spatial balance in the design. Door windows associated with stained glass windows are metaphorized as an imaginary door figure opening into the concept. The open terrace allows for range of views to the Marmara Sea, where visitors can enjoy beautiful sunsets.

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İstanbul, Türkiye
İstanbul, Türkiye