Project Name






Rising Global Shading HQ

Rising Global


5,000 Sqm Gross

İstanbul, TURKEY

Interior Design

As BRN architects we aimed to create a space that enhances the vibrancy of the community while providing an outstanding working environment for staff and customers for one of Europe’s top shading system production company, Rising Global Shading HQ. While designing the office of the brand our architects focused on improving and cultivating the typical office experience, faithfully replicate the district’s energy, and interact with the industrial area that’s located in İstanbul. We attempted to convey the worldwide company’s brightness with dynamic colors and fluid lines by also taking the brand’s ethnic variety into account when creating this workplace. The office provides it’s employees a range of work environments, multipurpose areas, eateries, gaming room and other utilities. While more fluid lines were used in the office level, we preferred sharper lines for the showroom area in order to reflect on the technological structures such as the tropical simulation room that’s located in the center of the showroom floor.