Project Name






Pelit Chocolate & Cake Factory and HQ

Pelit Chocolate Company


120,000 Sqm Gross

İstanbul, TURKEY

Architectural Design/ Interior Design

Istanbul located Pelit Chocolate&cake factory was built in 2010.

We aimed for an timeless and comfortable design for the 55-Year-old Pelit Brand. While designing the ground floor of the manufacturing building which consists of a lobby, patisserie, and restaurant areas; universal, modern, self-assured, and solid lines were used. We intended to customize the belonging created by brand perception, put it to work for the user, and establish acceptable comfort standards. It was critical to understand the company’s business culture while developing interior decoration projects. After all, the project was for a 65,000.00 m2 building where multiple performances with various production techniques take place on all floors. It was a project process of preparing all Architectural and Interior Architectural Projects of a building where over 1000 employees work with a high rhythm, 150 to 200 students visit and 300 to 500 retail sales occur everyday, tons of raw materials enter and tons of finished products are being shipped. For this reason, we shifted about half of the workforce of our office to the Pelit Factory building for about 2.5 years and maintained the project production and project management operations on site. This allowed us to gain insight into the brand’s own customer perception and sense of belonging, as well as recognize the corporate culture. We analyzed all of the design inputs as a team using our knowledge and intuition.

Because the presence of all three spaces at the entrance of a large production facility could have resulted in certain spatial obligations while designing the Patisserie, Restaurant, and Lobby, we prepared and implemented the Architectural Design in such a way as to provide the widest possible facade openings. We wanted to create a feminine and pleasant space that is connected to its origins since Pelit is an Istanbul brand which is the oldest brand in the pastry and chocolate business in terms of product-customer perception&production and due to the quality of the products they produce, we focused on the modern production techniques and equipment they are using and designed a space that it is Modern and Innovative. Istanbul is a city with rich cultural and historical heritage. In order to carry out this process together, we worked with Ismail Acar, a painter who has done many designs for Pelit before. Ismail Acar developed and applied the Art Board decorating the entrance, the Pomegranate painting in the Patisserie, and the mirror decorations on the lacquered columns in the Patisserie and Restaurant parts. The first layer on the picture board at the entrance is a reinterpreted 360-degree circular application of the Istanbul Panorama of an Italian Traveler in the 16th century. The second layer consists of all the icons of Istanbul in it. The third and last layer is ramparts of Istanbul. Second and third layers are turning clockwise and opposite of clockwise direction